Addition by Subtraction


Addition by Subtraction, by Drew Zaremba

Written Tpt Highest Note: C#6

Doubles: Yes, all (flutes)



Looking for a fun, challenging, humorus funk tune? Addition by Subtraction by Drew Zaremba involves two distinct grooves. 1, a 3/2 Motown-influenced groove, and 2, the chart’s namesake: a groove consisting of 8/4+7/4+6/4+5/4 (written as three bars of 4, one bar of 3, one bar of 4, one bar of 2, one bar of 5). While seemingly arbitrarily complex, with a little rehearsal, this chart really grooves and is a joy to players and audiences alike. Lots of blowing space for anyone in the band, and we finish with a big “Birdland-esque” happy groove.



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