Job “The Aftermath”



 Modern Straight 8th Swing, in 5/4

Tempo: Quarter Note = 146

Solos: Bone feature


Job “The Aftermath”

Composed by Drew  Zaremba (as performed on Vesuvius)

Job (the Aftermath) is a programmatic piece that explores the story of the biblical story of Job. It explores the moment in time after he loses everything dear to him, and the pain and anguish which is reflected in his heart and mind. The piece ends just as he is about to give up all hope, and in that moment in the story, God speaks. The trombone solo represents the faith of Job, and the ensemble represents his turbulent surroundings. This piece was originally commissioned for Marcus Wolfe’s Valley Christian High School jazz ensemble in California. The recording by Toshi Clinch’s Big Band provides a great model to follow for the ensemble and trombone soloist.

Feel: Modern Straight 8th Swing, in 5/4

Tempo: Quarter Note = 146

Solos: Trombone feature

Additional Notes: Highest Trumpet note is written D


Standard Big Band

  • 4 Trumpets
  • 4 Trombones
  • 5 Saxophones (Alto, Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Bari)
  • 4 Rhythm (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums)


  • Reed 1: Alto
  • Reed 2: Alto, Flute
  • Reed 3: Tenor, Flute
  • Reed 4: Tenor
  • Reed 5: Baritone, Flute


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